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Since 2006 Clouddancers has been offering high-quality all-weather covers, cotton cloth hangar covers and canopy covers for gliders, powered gliders, powered aircraft and microlights. Clouddancers`goal has always been to protect your aircraft with a functional and durable system. The company pays special attention to waterproofing and breathability for its all-weather covers as well as ensuring a reliable protection against UV radiation. In addition to the standard all-weather cover, and the hangar covers made of cotton, it also offers special covers for extreme climatic conditions, including the premium product  Uncutable™ a version that gives some protection from hail. Clouddancers also offer features to permit solar panels to work and also can add aircraft markings. For most aircraft, Clouddancers has patterns. If you do not find your type of aircraft listed then please discuss with our joint UK Agent LX aviation.  (info@lxaviation.co.uk)    Clouddancers`goal is customer satisfaction! There are now over 5,000 in use.


Since Clouddancers started the production of its premium product Uncutable™ covers in 2009 this product has secured a large number of satisfied customers!  The starting point for the development of these covers was the ideal of offering covers that combine the highest practical tensile strength with superior ventilation. To achieve this the cotton layer of their dual layer standard cover is replaced by a 2mm thick, strong, yet

soft mesh fabric on the surfaces of the wings and the elevator. As a result the covers are extremely robust – the mesh fabric will not tear even if pulled over sharp edges like winglets. At the same time the air circulation is further improved – this and the fact that the mesh material is purely synthetic – makes the covers very resistant to mould. With the improvements mentioned the Uncutable™ covers are ideally suited for clubs and for extremely wet climates. The image below provides a detailed overview of the functionality of Uncutable™ covers.

Perfect for clubs and hangar users: Clouddancers dust and canopy covers.

Clouddancers offers dust/hangar- and canopy covers made to measure.  Clubs and hangar users benefit from a quality covering hangar or from dust covers!


Price Guide

(Excludes delivery and extra features such as see through panels and antenna coverings)
Type of Aircraft Price Guide (excl VAT)
Light Aircraft with complete cover using “Uncutable” system £1,400.00 - £1,900.00
Light Aircraft with complete cover using standard system£1,200.00 - £1,600.00
Light Aircraft with complete dust covers £600.00 - £800.00
Light aircraft canopy cover, standard system£250.00 - £600.00
Light aircraft canopy and cowling cover using standard system£375.00 - £500.00

The price varies because of the size of the aircraft and the manufacturing difficulty. Also additional festures such as antennas and pitot tubes add to the complexity and costs.

Please contact us for bespoke pricing.  info@lxaviation.co.uk    Or call John Delafield on 44 7850 950349