Update on new models

In 2018 LX Aviation was formed to market the 600 kg version of the the well-known Dynamic WT9 into the UK. By far the most popular version in the past has been the ultralight with 17 having been sold into the UK between 2004 and 2011.

But the UK market for microlights (ultralight) requires the UK agent to be approved by the CAA which is a very expensive process and there is no practical way of ensuring a return in investment in the current changing market.  This contrasts to the rest of the EU where such regulations do not exist in the way they do in the UK.

Our new UK Dynamic WT9 demonstrator is the 600 kg EASA LSA version which is certified to EASA CSA-LSA throughout the EASA jurisdiction.  A tow hook and constant speed prop were fitted in September 2019, giving a cruise speed of 125 kts.

The market for 600 kg light aircraft is changing in Europe with countries being allowed by EASA to ‘opt out’ and approve 600 kg aircraft under national regulations.  Germany and the Czech Republic have certification standards for the new 600 kg microlight category and the UK CAA is in consultation with the BMAA, LAA and other interested parties to decide how this new category will be implemented in the UK. The CAA have suggested that the German and Czech Republic certification standards might be recognised in the UK with the LAA managing the approval of factories.  The kit version of the Dynamic will also be available once it is approved by the LAA, followed by the kit version of the 4 seat Advantic WT10.

We will be offering the 600 kg ‘opt out’ version for sale in the UK with a variety of engines and an option for retractable undercarriage.  When this happens we can offer the following options for the new 600 kg microlight Dynamic aircraft:

  • Dynamic WT9 600 kg Rotax 912 with option of CS prop and glider tow hook
  • Dynamic WT9 600 kg Rotax 914 with option of CS prop and glider tow hook
  • Dynamic WT9 600 kg Rotax 912 or 914 with retractable undercarriage
  • Personalised instrumentation on all the above options.

Coming soon:

Advantic WT10 4 seater, Rotax 914 with retractable undercarriage.

The more powerful Rotax 915 will be available as an option in due course

More than


aircraft Dynamic WT9 flying around the world

Experiences since 1991


The WT9 Dynamic LSA aircraft is certified according to EASA Certification Specification for Light Sport Aeroplanes
CS-LSA, Amendment 1 dated 29th July 2013.

Thank you EASA team!





Maximum takeoff weight600.0 kg1323 lb
Maximum landing weight600.0 kg1323 lb
Maximum empty weight350 kg772 lb
Minimum useful load250 kg552 lb
Minimum load per seat55.0 kg121 lb
Maximum load per seat120.0 kg265 lb
Maximum total front baggage weight2 x 10.0 kg2 x 22 lb
Maximum total rear baggage weight2 x 20.0 kg2 x 44 lb

Top Speeds at Sea Level

Top speeds at sea levelAt 5800 rpm240130
At 5500 rpm230124

Cruise Speeds at Altitudes and Power Setting

Presurre altitudeEngine speedMAPCruise speeds

Fuel Operating Ranges

Endurances and ranges at altitude 2000 ft ISA
Engine speedrpm43004500480050005500
Fuel consumptionl/h14.515.517.218.521.3
Usable fuel (l)119hh:mm8:127:406:556:255:35

Rate of Climb

Best angle of climb airspeed VX (at SL)100 IAS54 KIAS
Rate of climb at VX (at SL)985 fpm
Best rate of climb airspeed VY (at SL)127 IAS69 KIAS
Rate of climb at VY (at SL)1085 fpm

Stall Speeds

Cruise, FLAPS 0 (0°)7842
Takeoff, FLAPS 1 (15°)6837
Landing – normal, FLAPS 2 (24°)6435
Landing – emergency, FLAPS 3 (35°)6133


Technical Specification


Wing area10.500 m2112.98 ft2
Wing span8.926 m29.28 ft
Overall length6.460 m21.19 ft
Maximum height1.850 m6.07 ft
Wheel base1.400 m4.59 ft
Main landing gear track2.240 m7.35 ft
Maximum propeller diameter1.750 m68.90 in
Mean aerodynamic chord (MAC)1.172 m3.84 ft


Number of engines1
Number of cylinders4
Engine manufacturerBRP-Rotax GmbH & Co KG
Engine model numberRotax 912 ULS2
Engine typeHorizontally opposed, geared, normally
aspirated, spark ignition
CoolingCombined liquid and air
Maximum takeoff power at 5800 rpm (max. 5 min.)73.5 kW / 100 hp
Maximum continuous power at 5500 rpm69.0 kW / 92.5 hp


Number of propellers1
Propeller manufacturerPRODUCTION EVRA, Creil, France
Propeller model numberEVRA PerformanceLine 175/xxx/805.5
Number of blades3
Propeller diameter1.750 m (68.90 in)
Propeller typeFixed pitch, ground adjustable
Pitch setting (measured 200 mm from blade tip)23°

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