Aerospool awarded CAA A1 rating for building LSMs – LX AVIATION

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The Aerospool Dynamic is back!

From 19th August the UK AIP has been ratified to allow NEW manufactured Aircraft to be produced with up to 600 kg Max All up weight . This CAA UK “OPT OUT” is allowed with the revised BCAR(S) airworthiness standards

The Dynamic is one of only a few types of ultralight (microlight) aircraft in which the customer can choose either a fixed or a hydraulically operated retractable  landing gear. And, even with the most basic specification, customers receive a ready-to-fly aircraft equipped with Rotax 912 (100hp) or 914 (115 hp) and a version with the powerful 915 (141hp) is currently under flight testing !)
The long list of additional equipment options enables customers to meet their individual needs and, therefore, each Dynamic is, in effect bespoke.


There are more than


Dynamic WT9 aircraft flying around the world

Aerospool have been building aircraft  since 1991