Fully UK Type approved.
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The new Dynamic LSM ((600kg Light Sports Microlight) was type approved for the UK from 4th July 2023. it was flown to the UK with a new Permit to FLy on July 12th

With the manufacturer, Aerospool of Slovakia, having been approved as an A8-1 by the CAA last year and with Type Approval having been granted this year, you can now safely dream of owning a Dynamic LSM.

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The Super Dynamic (141hp) is now available contact us to discuss your requirements

The well-known Aerospool WT9 Dynamic is in the final stages of completing its Type Approval by the UK CAA, assisted by the BMAA (British Microlight Aircraft Association), as a 600Kg Light Sports Microlight (LSM)

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* Price is Ex Factory for a Club Dynamic with minimum flight specifications (100HP Rotax 912ULS , fixed propeller and undercarriage, no avionics but with Rescue parachute system, and basic analogue instruments.


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 There are more than


Dynamic WT9 aircraft have been built.

Aerospool of Slovakia has been building aeroplanes since 1991 and, of the WT9 Dynamic type, some 900 have been produced and are in use throughout the World.

Those flying in the UK are some of the early examples which were built to the original BCAR (S) but the design has been steadily enhanced over the years and the latest LSM version offers the features which were always desired in the early ones but not then available, and this includes a generous cockpit load, high cruising speed, various Rotax engine and propellor configurations and optional retractable undercarriage.

Thus, the new Light Sport Microlight Dynamic is the latest in a long-line of successful products.

Each aircraft built is bespoke for its intended owner, but the 3 broad variants are:

  Dynamic Club or Speed with Rotax 912  
  Dynamic Turbo (Towing options) with Rotax 914  
  Super Dynamic (Towing options  with Rotax 915          

Watch this space for more updates.

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Dynamic LSM
Dynamic Turbo Tow
Super Dynamic

The Super Dynamic 9.15  sets the standard for Glider Tugs.

See here for the Nordic Gliding article comparing the Super Dynamic with the Eurofox 915.
 Nordic Gliding WT9.15 Towing Article translated