Super Dynamic

The Super Dynamic is available in two versions

Super Dynamic Tow WT9.15/6 FG

Super Dynamic Touring WT9.15/6 RG

The Super Dynamic WT9.15 GTi, equipped with Rotax 915 iS engine or 9.16 with Rotax 916 160hp engine (WT9 600 NG FGWT9 600 NG RG).
7th generation of the Dynamic gives you more:


Super Dynamic Touring

The Super Dynamic fitted with the Retractable Gear (RG) option has a proven cross country cruising speed in excess of 140 kts and this gives the option of undertaking those long trips away and yet being back by sundown. At under 25l/hr fuel consumption (UL91 or Mogas) the Super Dynamic makes going places not only practical but affordable too!  And remember that the aircraft can carry 120 litres of fuel and can fly for longer than many pilots need between their “comfort breaks”!

If you wish to stay away for few days, then the huge luggage space behind the seats is massive for its class and with a weight limit of 40 kg ensures that you no longer have any need to travel light!  Room enough for walking kit and an airline hand baggae allowance .


The Dynamic as an investment

Experience indicates that the Dynamic holds its value and currently the early versions in the UK have been realising prices not dissimilar to those paid at time of original purchase.  With Aerospool having been in business for over 30 years, and holding numerous national approvals, you can be confident of both long term support and of owning a product of quality and real value retention.