The New Super Dynamic

The Performance Choice

Experience the power and efficiency of the Super WT9 Dynamic aircraft, now available with the superior Rotax 916 is Engine. Aerospool’s rigorous testing has shown that the 916 engine provides a faster ground roll and a better initial climb compared to even the 915 engines. Not only does it perform better, but it also has lower fuel consumption.

The operating cost of an aerotow using the Dynamic WT9 with either of  the 915/916 engines is extremely low, making it a cost-effective choice for your Gliding Club. Despite the slightly higher price of the 916 engines, its longer Time Between Overhauls (TBO) makes it cheaper in the long run. In fact, we are currently able to offer the Super Dynamic WT9 with a 916 engine for the same price as the aircraft with a 915 engine, making it an even more economical choice.

To celebrate this fantastic aircraft for the UK we have a special set of options to add completely free of charge.

Choose the Dynamic WT9 for your personal Glider tug /tourer and experience the difference. It’s not just an aircraft, it’s a game-changer.