Choosing your Dynamic

The Dynamic is available in 4 main Versions

  • Dynamic Club (100hp Fixed Gear)
  • Dynamic Touring 100hp Retractable Gear)
  • Super Dynamic Glider Towing 141hp Fixed Gear)
  • Super Dynamic Touring (141hp Retractable Gear)

Glider Towing with Your Dynamic

Top of the range is the new Super Dynamic which offers huge versatility both as a hight-performance glider towing aircraft and as a high-performance touring aircraft.

It is equipped with a Rotax 915iS engine coupled to a hydraulically actuated constant speed propellor and there is a huge list of customer options available when ordering. You make it your aircraft and it need not be a copy of anyone else`s.

With an empty weight, without avionics, in the region of 365kg the new Super Dynamic gives you huge scope for creating what you need. All versions have many options to choose from. Just contact us at

Dynamic Club

The Dynamic Club is a simplified version with a Rotax 912, fixed pitch propellor and without wheel spats and with other more advanced features excluded. It is aimed at syndicate use and for training at microlight flying schools. Unlike many microlight training aircraft currently in use, the Dynamic has an exceptionally low drag airframe and can cruise at up to about 120 kts. It is therefore an excellent aeroplane for teaching speed control and energy management.

The Guide price for this model with basic instruments only is € 150,000 incl VAT  

You can read the BMAA Microlight magazine flight test below of the 914 115 HP Version with CS prop

Dynamic Tourer

Read the Pilot Flight test report of our Dynamaic Turbo demonstator here

Super Dynamic Glider Towing

For a look at the performace of the Super Dynamic WT9.15 Towing read the rpoerts from Nordic Gliding.

WT9 Towing

Based on a track record of over 15 years of the earlier Dynamic being used as a glider towplane, and it is estimated that some 300 are currently being used for this service, the new Dynamic WT9.15, the Super Dynamic, represents a quantum advance on what was already one of the most cost-effective towing aircraft around. 

The first example in the UK has two tow hooks, a standard Tost retracting system and a back-up standard Tost hook together; there is a rear mounted camera with an easy to view cockpit display.   The double hook system and camera is shown on the photograph, above.

The cost of maintenance is very low as Dynamic aircraft come under the auspices of the BMAA (British Microlight Aircraft Association) maintenance system and, with much owner maintenance being permitted, the operating costs are significantly lower than for the more traditional glider towing aircraft operating under Part 21 regulations.

But can a microlight aircraft really operate in challenging wind conditions?  This can be a major feature of operations at the well-known “wave” sites?  The answer is that the Dynamic has proven ability to do so and in New Zealand the Dynamics are often the last machines to be put away in the hangar when the wind really blows.  With a crosswind limit of over 25 kts the Dynamic is clearly a versatile aeroplane.

The new Super Dynamic ushers in an era of affordable aerotowing even under the most challenging conditions.

For a comparison of glider towing with the Super Dynamic 9.15 GTi against competitors please open the article from Nordic Glding Online web site below.

Nordic Gliding WT9.15 Towing Article translated

Super Dynamic Tourer


Down load the performace sheet from Aerospool here