AEROTOWING with the WT9.15 Super Dynamic: exceptional performance 

Performance based on aerotows to 2000ft AGL for 18m single-seat gliders (MTOW approx. 600kg) and two-seat gliders (MTOW 800-850kg)

Half of the aerotows from grass and half from asphalt, with crosswind of approx. 7m/s.

average time of complete aero tow cycle ( takeoff to touchdown )5 min.

average fuel consumption per aerotow:  2.65 Litres 

fuel cost  per tow : 4,64€ (grade RON 95 at cost 1,70€ per litre 

40% better cycle time  compared to standard Dynamic (Rotax 912):                  

NB: data has been derived and published by Aerospool: