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Protect your investment

LX Aviation are an Agent for Clouddancer Aircraft Covers

Clouddancers covers for aeroplanes, Gliders,  rotorcraft and more.

Since 2006 Clouddancers  have sold high quality covers for aircraft. Whether all-weather covers, cotton hangar covers or canopy covers for gliders, motor gliders, powered aircraft, ultra-light aircraft, gyrocopters or helicopters. Their goal: functionality and durable protection against weather, moisture and UV radiation at a fair price.

The Clouddancers product line

We offer you the best material for every situation. 

STANDARD-covers for little money, hangar covers, our top seller 

UNCUTABLE or the premium product 

IMPACT, which will also protect against hail. Clouddancers covers protect optimally up to any situation.

Price Guide 

Please email or call for prices 

John Delafield 

john@lxaviation.co.uk or

+44 7850 950349

The price varies because of the size of the aircraft and the manufacturing difficulty. Also additional features such as antennas and pitot tubes add to the complexity and costs.