Aerospool awarded CAA A1 rating for building LSMs

LX Aviation, the UK sales agent, is pleased to announce that Aerospool, spol.s r. o., the manufacturer of the Dynamic and Advantic light aircraft ranges, have been awarded the CAA’s A1 rating under BCAR as an “Organisation approved for the design and manufacture of complete aircraft, engines, or controlled items of equipment, and the overhaul of the Organisations’ own product”. Aerospool have built and delivered over 850 Dynamics of all versions around the world and this approval opens the way for more to be imported into the UK under the new category of 600kg LSM
This opens the way for LX Aviation to import the first Light Sport Microlight (LSM) versions of the popular WT9 Dynamic to the UK. LX Aviation are now working with the BMAA and the CAA for the relevant type approval.
The WT9 Dynamic is a tried and tested modern two seat composite light aircraft available in several basic versions suitable for touring , training and glider towing .
The Club 100 LSM is Rotax 912 100 HP powered,
The Turbo LSM is the Rotax 914 114 HP version
The Turbo Tow LSM is the version optimised for Glider towing. Under development is the Super Dynamic LSM which is the Rotax 915 141 HP version for even better Glider towing and fast touring. The Part 21 (EASA approved) Dynamic LSA version is also available if required.